Monday, February 18, 2013

In Progress & Hypnosis

I recently completed the poster below for 98 Rock's Matt Davis. In addition to his radio career, Matt has a pretty bitchin' hypnosis show! He performs at corporate events, colleges, high schools as well as the occasional public event. The poster below was done for a public event at the Timonium Motorcycle Show.

As mentioned, I've got a few other pieces that are in progress this month. Below are a few process photos. Stay Tuned!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Noise & Other Racket

Nightsbridge is playing 98 Rock's Noise in the Basement this February, and I thought it'd be an opportunity to work on my Rock and Roll as Religion theme. Worshiping at the altar of the rock gods is serious business, just ask my other four co-conspirators. 

I've got some really cool visual projects in the works this month, including a hypnosis show and the album artwork for a very cool DC area band! I'll update as progress, well, progresses.